GT8: A Future Classic?!

I first met Mark (aka @888MF) one year ago at a car meet organized by a common friend. He is the type of petrol-head who enjoys 3-pedal’s naturally aspirated metal, so needless to say, I thought he’d enjoy very much testing the GT8.

We stayed in touch. Up until the day Mark and I finally swapped car keys. He got to experience the GT8 for the first time (I, on the other hand, jumped in his Lamborghini Performante). The idea of featuring the GT8 on his YouTube channel came shortly after, once arrived at our lunch destination.

In just few weeks the GT8 test video took place. It was in Hanningfield Reservoir, an ideal location for this sort of things, quiet and, more importantly, very sunny!

It was a memorable experience, one that, beside other things, made me truly understand the time, the effort and the passion that goes into the production of a professional YouTube video. So thank you Mark for producing this!

If you haven’t already, watch the video below to see some epic footage, to listen at a proper race V8 soundtrack and to hear what Mark thinks of the GT8:

Courtesy @888MF

The GT8 Club wishes a joyful, happy and great Christmas holiday to you and your families!

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