GT8 Club ‘Stable-mates’: GT8 and GT12

When the GT8 launched in 2016, one would have thought it was a GT12 with a V8 engine and a manual gearbox.

Even weeks after the GT8’s official unveiling, when automotive journos got their hands on the Manual GT8 ‘Press-Car’, no reviews highlighted how the GT8 compared against the GT12 (a summary of the reviews is available here).

So, unless you owned both cars yourself, you wouldn’t know how much the GT8 felt compared to the GT12.

However, in February 2019 things were about to change. In fact, when planning the GT8 YouTube review with Mark (read our previous Story: “GT8: A Future Classic?!“), the idea of bringing a GT12 alongside came out. So, I helped sourcing the GT12 from Andrew, a friend of the GT8 Club, whilst Mark organized the rest.

So, here you have it! The first “GT8 vs. GT12” review available on the net, by 888MF:

Courtesy of @888mf

Happy New Year from the GT8 Club!

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