Welcome to the GT8 Club!

We are like-minded petrol-heads who share a keen passion for “out of the ordinary” driver’s cars. Some of us race them for a living, others drive them just for fun…

We are the 150 lucky keepers of a very special car, the Aston Martin Vantage GT8, and the GT8 Club is our playground.

We are excited to share our GT8 adventures and to welcome you in the co-pilot seat of this thrilling journey.

Join us …and expect some thunderous V8 content!

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GT8 Club Drive: GT8 vs. 911 GT3 RS on Nordschleife

In an era of Turbos, electric engines and particulate filters, old-school Naturally Aspirated noise becomes increasingly sought after. More so if these N/A engines got racing pedigree, are V-shaped, got 8 cylinders and come with a full-on Titanium exhaust. So, it’s time to remind ourselves how these engines sound like..how about a GT8 chasing a …



Autumn GT8 Club Meet (Regents Park, London, December 2019)

An “open-to-all” meet to celebrate a 2019 full of action for the GT8 Club. 12 members turned up bringing a nice mix of exotica: 8 GT8(s), an Aston Martin V600, a McLaren 675LT, an AMG GTR PRO and an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

Courtesy of Shmee150

GT8 Owners’ Annual Meeting 2019 (Aston Martin Lagonda, UK, June 2019)

The second Annual Meeting saw 23 GT8s gathering at Aston Martin Lagonda HQ. A new attendance record for the GT8 Club! And yet again, a great event put together exclusively for us by the team @ Aston Martin Works.

Courtesy of Aston Martin Works

Factory-visit Aston Martin Racing/Prodrive HQ (UK, April 2019)

More than 10 GT8 Owners attended the factory-visit event at Prodrive, home of Aston Martin Racing:

Courtesy of Shmee150
Courtesy of TGETV

Winter GT8 Club Meet (Regents Park, London, January 2019)

Kicking off 2019 with a GT8 Club members meet (and a Photoshoot) which included 3 GT8s and a Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake:

Courtesy of LAMuscle


GT8 Owners’ Annual Meeting 2018 (Aston Martin Works, UK, July 2018)

The first GT8 Club Annual Meeting with 20 GT8s joining from the UK and Germany. Hosted by the marvelous team @ Aston Martin Works and included a factory-tour of the Heritage Aston Martin facilities.

Courtesy of Aston Martin Works
Courtesy of Shmee150


The first GT8 Club Meet at Saywell Charity Track Day, Goodwood. Read more here

Courtesy of Shmee150

GT8 Club. Meet | Drive | Inspire

GT8 Registry

More than 130 GT8 (s), out of the existing 150, are listed in the GT8 Registry.

This indicates each GT8’s Factory specification, for instance: RHD/LHD Layout | Country of delivery | Manual/Auto Transmission | Limited Edition Number and VIN | Exterior & Interior Factory Color | Key Factory Options

The Registry also covers all the modern Aston Martin Special Operation, as well as the Aston Martin Zagato, vehicles: One-77 | GT12 | Vulcan | Valkyrie | V12 Vantage Zagato | Vanquish Coupe Zagato | Vanquish Volante Zagato | Speedster Zagato | Shooting Brake Zagato

For any info please contact either @fil.fm or email us at GT8.Club@gmail.com


Thank you very much for your interest in the GT8 Club.

If you would like to know more about becoming a member, to partner with the GT8 Club, or for any other inquires, email us at GT8.Club@gmail.com

GT8 Club. Meet | Drive | Inspire