Fil’s “Vantage addiction”

I am a keen petrol-head and a Kart racer, at heart. My friends call me Fil (Filippo, according to my driving license). I am a “Vantage addict” and this is my story:

I have always loved Aston Martin, to start with. Growing up as a child in Italy, seeing an Aston being driven on the road was a rare thing…a thing of beauty!

In 2005 the newly launched V8 Vantage instantly became my dream car. Within minutes, the image of a ‘Titanium Silver’ Vantage become proudly featured on my desktop’s background.

Few years later, in 2012, my Vantage addiction evolved badly! It was when Aston Martin Racing entered the WEC (World Endurance Championship) with the Vantage GTE. I just loved the proper N/A V8 sounding engine and the jaw-dropping wide-bodied shape of that “race-spec” Vantage.

Watching for years the Vantage GTE successfully battling against Ferrari V8 Berlinettas, Porsche RSRs and the ‘Vettes’ at Le Mans reinforced my desire for owning that dream car. So, in 2015 I took the plunge on a gorgeous 4.7 Vantage Manual ‘Sport-pack’ (obviously in Titanium Silver!).

My ‘Vantage addiction’ was finally tested when, in Feb 2016, I heard rumors about an hardcore, lightweight, V8 Vantage being developed in secret by Aston Martin Special Operations. My ‘Man Maths’ justified the deposit (on the basis of that rumors alone) and my GT8 journey started!

Whilst a cure to my Vantage addiction has yet to be found, I have encountered and connected with so many more ‘addicts’ throughout this wonderful journey….and the GT8 Club has became our playground.

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