My ‘Vantage’ addiction ..and the GT8 Club

I am a keen petrolhead with a longlife passion for Kart racing. My friends call me Fil (Filippo, according to my driving licence) and, yes, I am Italian!

I am a ‘Vantage’ addict and this is my story:

In 2005, when the V8 Vantage was launched, it instantly became my favorite car. For many years, its photos covered my bedroom walls, as well as my PC’s desktop’s background.

[ That was why I bought a Vantage in the same ‘Titanium Silver’ colour of that desktop wallpaper, few years later! ]

In 2012, my Vantage addiction evolved badly! In that year, Aston Martin Racing started racing with the Vantage GTE. I loved its proper V8 sounding engine, its astonishing wide-bodied shape and the marque’s racing pedigree.

Seeing for many years the Vantage GTE battling at Le Mans against Ferrari 458s, Porsche RSRs, ‘Vettes’ and Ford GTs, reinforced my dream of owning the Road-legal iteration of that car.

Eventually, in February 2016 the rumour of a track-focused, lightweight, V8 Vantage being developed by Aston Martin Special Operations started circulating.  As such, my deposit was promptly placed and I waited up until my build-slot was secured

That dream became reality and my GT8 journey started!

Since then, a cure to my addiction has not been found…

However, meeting with so many other car-addicts out there made me realise that a ‘place’ for sharing our adventures, rather than a cure, is what was truly needed!

So, what about the GT8 Club, then?