Welcome to the GT8 Club!

We are like-minded petrolheads who share a keen passion for “out of the ordinary” driver’s cars. Some of us race them for a living, some for fun, some others collect them. Anyhow, we all love driving our cars!

We believe that sharing the drive experience is even more fun. As the lucky keepers of a very special car, the Aston Martin Vantage GT8, we joined forces…

…to become the GT8 Club.

We are super excited to share our adventures with you. Join us for the ride …and expect some thunderous V8 content!


2019 (To Be Announced)

The 2019 GT8 Club Event calendar is shaping up…expect something truly spectacular!


22 GT8s joined for the first official GT8 Owners Meeting at Aston Martin Works (Newport Pagnell, UK) !

Here you will see a glimpse of what that epic gathering looked like:

Courtesy of Aston Martin Works
Courtesy of Shmee150


Throughout 2017, all the cars got delivered in the hand of their 150 lucky customers.

The first (informal) meeting was held at GoodWood during Saywell Charity Track Day and saw 4 GT8s attending:

Courtesy of Shmee150

GT8 Registry

Since Aston Martin officially announced the Vantage GT8, @fil.fm, with the support of fellow GT8 Club members, has maintained the GT8 Registry.

This offers insights into each GT8’s specification, such as:

  • Layout (RHD / LHD)
  • Delivery Country
  • Transmission
  • Limited Edition Number (+ VIN, ideally)
  • Original Colour specification (Exterior, Interior, Accents, etc.)
  • Key options (Titanium Exhaust, Rims, etc.)
  • And more

Out of 155 Vantage GT8s (150 Customers cars, 3 Press cars, 2 Development prototypes) worldwide, more than 120 have been already added to the GT8 Registry!

As such, thanks to the success of this initiative, the scope of the Registry has expanded to cover other Aston Martin Special Operation’s cars, such as the GT12, the One-77, the Vulcan and the Valkyrie.

For any info, or to add any of the aforementioned models to the Registry, please message directly @fil.fm or contact us at info@GT8Club.com


The GT8 Club is open to enthusiasts as well as owners.

GT8 Owners: Please get in touch for more info

Enthusiasts and fans: We would love to hear from you (e.g. What content would you like seeing on the GT8 Club?) Get involved!

For all other inquiries, such as GT8 Club Events’ Sponsorships, Photoshoots, Video making, Road trips, etc. please fill the form below: